Eye Care

Our primary mission is to provide complete eye health exams to patients of all ages. A typical eye health exam will include but not limited to:

Thorough case history (please bring a list of medications you may be taking if possible)

·     Visual acuity, with and without your correction
  • Visual Field Screening
  • Automated refraction and keratometry
  • Automated eyeglass neutralization
  • Muscle balance testing
  • Examination of the external eye structures and tissues surrounding the eye
  • Examination of the internal eye tissues with a biomicroscope
  • Examination of the retinal tissues through a dilated pupil
  • Refraction (selecting lenses)
  • Tonometry [Measures the eye pressure]
  • Other tests as indicated

In addition to routine vision exams we also treat many common eye diseases including but not limited to:

  • Removal of foreign bodies from the eye
  • Eye infections
  • Chronic dry eyes
  • Allergic eye conditions
  • Red eyes
  • Eyelid infections
  • Inflammations of the inside of the eye